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Winter Wedding Is Coming

In the words of Ned Stark Winter is coming, or rather it's here. As are the joyous celebrations of couples being married in true 'Winter wonderland' fashion. The real fairytale wedding, and the best kept secret in the business.

There’s something about this time of the year that adds that extra sparkle to a wedding celebration. There are so many contributing factors that we made a little list for you.

The Weather:

Unlike the fickle British summer, there's no pressure on the Winter wedding for the sun to be out. All the guests minds are at ease, as it's almost certain to be cold. picking an outfit couldn’t be easier- Guys keep your Jackets on, and ladies bring a Pashmina and a coat.

If the sun does make an appearance then it's an added bonus.


Any photographer will agree that the light on a crisp winters day is better than any you'll find with the high sun in the summer (if you’re one of the lucky ones with great weather in June!); Crisp and beautiful light on people's faces rather than shadows and sunglasses in the big group shots.

The Decor:

Whether you have picked a barn, Bar, Hotel, Hall, or listed building, you’ll probably find that this time of year they are decorated top to bottom with Fairy lights, Log Fires, Holy and Christmas trees. Your wedding will look like something out of ‘Love actually’ or 'Notting hill’ without your venue or wedding planner even making a suggestion (and with no extra cost!). Only last weekend (10/12/16) did we play a wedding in a Hotel (the George inn, Rye). The drive through the town centre, and the hall in which we played in can only be described as a scene from a Dickensian novel. So beautiful.

Eat, Drink, and be Merry:

Let's not forget that it ''tis the season to be jolly'. Something peculiar happens to us all when we see Christmas lights and hear those Christmas songs on the radio that we love to hate. Maybe it's the giddiness of knowing that our year's work is drawing to an end? Or that with a couple of work Christmas parties under our belt, we are truly in the spirit of Christmas?

Whatever it is, the combination of fresh cold air and a glass or three in our system, the dance floor is packed and the atmosphere electric.


We all want something memorable on the big day. For years it seems to be the tradition to be married in the summer, but why? As we know, and as I’ve already mentioned, in Britain, there’s no guarantee of a sunny, 25 degree day even if you get married in July.

You may also find that the perfect venue for you may be unavailable as well as the entertainment just because it is peak season.

You might just find that waiting those extra couple of months, you’ll have more chance of securing your perfect venue and band. And as an extra bonus you may even get the venue a little cheaper as it’s not in such high demand?

Besides that, it’s just a bit different. instead of Pims,lemonade, and a hog roast, your wedding can be Mulled wine, Roast lamb, log fires and fairy lights. I know what I’d rather.

The Honeymoon:

What better time to have a honeymoon than when the weather has turned?! You get the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy what summer we have in the UK, have your fairytale wedding in the winter. Then shoot off to the likes of Bali or the Bahamas for your Romantic honeymoon with perfect weather. Then, the icing on the cake: return in time for Christmas with sun kissed skin!

There's one final thing to mention.

Christmas songs:

Love them or hate them, these songs are built into us, and they are guaranteed floor fillers. Whether it’s Mariah’s ‘All I Want for Christmas’ or Wham's ‘Last Christmas’, you can’t help but smile and even more embarrassingly know the words!

As the entertainment, we want nothing more than to see our clients having a wonderful time, and these Christmas gems are a breath of fresh air compared to the likes of ‘Valerie’ and ’Sex on fire’. Everyone’s a winner!

Winter Wedding’s certainly have their advantages, and get our vote. We’ll see you next year for yours!

James Willard

Lead Singer/Guitarist for The Tricks

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