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Terms Of Service

The Tricks Event Musicians Ltd (The Tricks) has made every effort to word these terms and conditions in plain English, with clarification of various clauses where necessary. If you do not understand any part of these terms, please call us for clarification or seek legal advice before agreeing to them. Any booking will be subject to a legally binding contract carrying the following non negotiable terms and conditions of booking:


1. Definitions

This booking contract is negotiated by The Tricks between The Tricks and the ‘client’. In this respect The Tricks represents all of its artist’s and is responsible for fulfilment of bookings and payment of fees.


2. Confirming the booking


i) 'Confirmation' will mean the signing of the booking contract by the client and the payment of the deposit by the client as specified in the contract.

ii) All bookings take effect immediately upon 'confirmation'.

iii) Contracts must be signed and returned within 5 working days.

3. Payment of fees

The agreed booking deposit is to be paid upon return of the signed booking contract. Deposits are to be paid by BACS transfer (details on your contract & invoice). The remaining balance must be paid no later than 5 working days prior to the event by BACS.


4. Client Cancellations

In case of a cancellation within 6 weeks prior to the performance, 50% of the fee would be charged. In case of a cancellation within 2 weeks prior to the performance the full amount of the fee would be charged.


5. Travel Expenses

Band members require accommodation for all UK bookings over 150 miles from their home location. The client pays all accommodation and travel costs. (Fuel costs are charged at 25p/mile). The Tricks includes travel expenses in all quotes. For international bookings, a 10% admin fee is added if accommodation, flights and/or equipment hire is organised by The Tricks.


6. Loading and setting up

It takes 90-120 min to load in and set up equipment depending on the accessibility of the venue. For Weddings, the band and PA will usually arrive and set up after the evening meal. Please note. If you request the band to arrive before 5:00pm, an extra charge of £25 per band member per hour will apply (6:00pm is the preferred band arrival time).

7. Late finish fees

The Tricks will play until 12:00 am unless agreed otherwise. If the band is asked to play later than 12:00 am an extra charge of £35 per band member per hour will apply. Please note if the event is over 60 miles away the band will not play past 12:00am unless the client provides accommodation (at no expense to The Tricks).


8. Delayed event schedules

If due to the late running of or alterations to the event schedule, which is no fault of the 'artist', the ‘artist’ is not able to perform their full performance time within the schedule outlined in this contract, there will be no reduction in the ‘artists’ fee. The ‘artist’ has the right to refuse to finish later than the contracted finish time without penalty.


9. Band Rider

All of the following must be supplied to band members and crew at no expense to the artists.

i) Free supply of mineral water, soft drinks and tea/coffee for the entire duration the band stay at the performance venue (please make arrangements with bar/restaurant/caterers if necessary)

ii) Hot meal or buffet (please ensure arrangements are made with bar/restaurant/caterers if necessary)

iii) Secure, clean, heated dressing room with enough chairs for each band member.


10. Sound and light system

All sound and light equipment is of a professional standard and is annually P.A.T. tested (P.A.T. certificates are available on request).

11. Power Consumption

Bands require at least 4 x 13-amp sockets, preferably on 2 different circuits, one for lighting & one for sound equipment. These should be no more than 10 metres from the performance area.


12. Insurance

The Tricks holds public liability cover of £10,000,000 indemnity against accidents, and damage to venues and equipment (copies of our insurance policy documents are available upon request).


13. Performance area

The Tricks require as a minimum, a safe, hard-floored working area of the appropriate dimensions as shown below. However a raised stage would be preferable to be provided by the client.


14. Stage dimensions (approx.)

3-4 piece bands - 3 x 4m

5-8 piece bands - 5 x 7m

9-12 piece bands - 7 x 9m

15. Sound limiters & volume

The adjustment of the volume and sound level of any equipment shall be as the ‘client’ reasonably requires. However, it is understood that the 'artist' cannot guarantee the quality of their performance should their volume be reduced below the level of the unamplified drum kit & backline instruments. Furthermore, it is understood that the 'artist' cannot be held responsible for non-performance in circumstances where a sound limiter is set so low that live music performance is not possible for an artist of their type.


16. ‘Artist’ equipment

It is agreed by the ‘client’ and the ‘artist’ that the equipment and instruments of the ‘artist’ are not available for use by other performers or persons except by specific permission of the 'artist'. At no point should persons enter the stage area during or between performances unless authorised by a band member.


17. Use of ‘dep’ performers

A 'dep' performer will mean a person or persons who stand in for one or more of the 'artists' standard group of performers should they be unable to perform due to unexpected circumstances or illness. We have a 'core' team of players who know our repertoire just as well. They are all excellent; love working with The Tricks and you will not hear the difference in quality. There will be no reduction in the ‘artists’ fee if a ‘dep’ performer is used.

18. Force Majeure

In cases of ‘Force Majeure’ (which shall be known as war, fire, death, illness or other capacity certified by a properly qualified medical practitioner, epidemic, accident, civil commotion, national calamity, order of Government or Local Authority having jurisdiction in the matter, changes in law, foreign government policy, act of God), which are not attributable to any act or failure to take preventive action by the ‘artist’ or ‘client’, then the ‘artist’ or ‘client’ may cancel this booking without penalty other than loss of deposit.


19. Covid 19 Cancellations

Should the booking be cancelled due to Covid-19 government regulations, the booking will be deemed as ‘frustrated’. In this case, no cancellation fees will be applied and any booking fees will be refunded to the client.

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